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It has been disguised by making a noncanonical coordinate change, something that we will discuss below. So, is there a method for determining whether a system is Hamilitonian in general? Probably the answer is no, since one must first find a Hamiltonian and this requires a technique for finding constants of motion. " Nevertheless we can say some things; however, to do so we must investigate Hamiltonian systems in arbitrary coordinates. You might wonder, why would equations ever arise in noncanonical variables?

Treatment of this area is beyond the scope of these lectures, although we will briefly comment on this in the context of Clebsch variables in Lecture IV. *This ideaisan oldone. IV B. See alsoSudarshan and Mukunda (1974),Re]'. IIIA. Furtherdevelopmentin thegeometrical settingwas given by V. Arnold,Ann. 16,319 (1966)and Usp. Mat. Nauk. 24, 225 (1969),althoughunlikehere the(cumbersome) Lagrangebracketisemphasized. 51 IV. A. Tutorial on Lie Groups and Algebras, Reduction, and Clebsch Variables A Tutorial on Lie Groups and Lie Algebras This section, which was in fact a lecture, was given after all the others.

It is a symptom of integrability'. 4. 1-D Compressible Fluid Now we consider a somewhat more complicated model, that of a one-dimensional compressible fluid with a pressure the depends only upon the density. 62) +pu¬Ęp)] and the Poisson bracket is given by {F, G} = The cosymplectic "6F (9 6G 6p i)x 6u 6G i) 6p i)x _u dx. 63) operator (oo) ili0, "See F. Magri, J. Math. Phys. 19, 1156(1978). 45 , , , ,, , , , .... Ii , IP , , i , i i , u is seen to be skew-symmetric upon integration by parts and systematic neglect of the surface terms.

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