New PDF release: A Coup for the Rich: Thailand’s political Crisis

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By Giles Ji Ungpakorn

ISBN-10: 9748822559

ISBN-13: 9789748822556

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O. movement, has no real mass base. Even the Campaign for Popular democracy, which was a large campaigning organisation back in the early 1990s is now an empty shell. O. networks to do him a favour by mobilising some people to the rallies. s . This is because most villagers voted for Thai Rak Thai. Somkiat Pongpaiboon had long complained that ever since the Taksin government came to power he had been unable to mobilise any rural villagers to protest events. D. demands. They then came to rely more and more on the urban middle classes.

This view is reflected in Paul Handley’s (2006) The King Never Smiles. Yale University Press. Duncan McCargo (2005) Network monarchy and legitimacy crises in Thailand. The Pacific Review, 18(4), 499-519, is an important paper which reflects the views of many Thai academics. 50 A Coup For the Rich Thailand’s political Crisis conservative Sakdina elements in order to oppose the government. 4 Tirayut Boonmi, a liberal academic, criticised the increasing corruption in Thai society, especially under the Thai Rak Thai government.

D. leadership positioned itself in opposition to the poor by accusing them of voting for Taksin out of a “lack of information” ie. stupidity. Taksin’s pro-poor policies were portrayed as “bad for the nation’s finances” in classical neoliberal fashion, and the poor people who came to Bangkok to support Taksin in the Caravan of the Poor were slandered as being merely “rent a mob”. D. In neither case did it mean that the participants were not genuine volunteers with genuine beliefs. 39 Eventually the final act of the cross-class alliance was played out.

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