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By Loren Bliese

ISBN-10: 0883120836

ISBN-13: 9780883120835

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Verbal nouns (as any other nouns) take modifiers such as genitive case pronouns, while the sentence complement rejects modifiers. They may also be transformed from active objects to passive subjects, which cannot be done to sentence complements. 'kay his m-ak'm-o y-aaei 'ge eating he-knows He knows his eating. *'kay y-a'kam-u y-aaei 'ge his he-eat-subjunctive he-knows how *He knows how his to eat. 'kay m-ak'm-a t-aaeig-i 'me his eating it-know-paaa His eating is known. 2 and T 29). They are found without a complementizer with the subjunctive -u or with the jussive -ay (both of which lose aspect), or with either the complementizer -i or -'e as an infinitive.

Ni 'cin 'woo 'xan 'maeagin becomes 'woo ni 'cin 'xan 'maeagin that hot milk don't touch rad'de 'woo xa'aa ub' le or 'woo rad'de xa'~a ub' le fell that tree I saw that feZZ tree I saw *ca 1 sa a'ma sa'ro I saw that tree which fell. a'nu a'mo 'kaak oogo're 'too I head him-off hit that 'too a'nu a'mo kaak oogo're that I head him-off hit 'num man 'num man yer'de ran yer'de ran or That man whom I hit on the head ran. g. NP S, called a noun phrase complement. The nominalizer is -Vm, which is added at the end of the embedded sentence, usually as a suffix to the verb or auxiliary.

3 joy me cause-inf-h good people people who ought to make me happy. eay'lo-h lak'co gaaboy's-e-h me'ce-m Elaleyna children-for money gather-inf-h good-nom parents It is parents who ought to gather money for children. ( II Car~. 12: 14) aduu'r-e-h me'ce seeha'da rac-'t-e return-inf-h good people stay-fem-perf The people who should have returned stayed away. 1 Postpositions on Nouns Afar, as is usual for SOV languages, has postpositions rather than prepositions (see PS 2). c). i'na-h mother-for, for mother 'yo-k 'sa(rra) me-after, after me a'nu 'sara I saa'buun-u-t kacli 's-e cZothes soap-epen V-by washed-I,perf I washed the clothes with soap.

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