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By Libby Purves

ISBN-10: 0203967801

ISBN-13: 9780203967805

ISBN-10: 0415417082

ISBN-13: 9780415417082

This energetic choice brings jointly journalist and broadcaster Libby Purves’ stories as journalist, mum or dad, governor and previous student of part a dozen varied colleges from Bangkok to Tunbridge Wells, exhibiting her eclectic and provocative evaluations and ideas on instructing and studying. This number of the easiest of her writing within the occasions academic complement covers - occasionally thoughtfully, occasionally paradoxically - every thing from nationwide coverage to the oddities of headteachers and the restrictions of IT. schooling pros through the years have bought her outsider view with enthusiasm, laughter, suggestion and coffee fury. From ministerial insanity to the pitfalls of uniform and the vagaries of young ones, this e-book is devoted to the enjoyment of a cadre of pros Libby as soon as deliberate to affix, until eventually she misplaced her nerve. it really is committed, with thank you and admiration, to all lecturers.

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They are our clouds of glory, rags of our inward urge to seek the ultimate good, the entirely beautiful. Just because the ultimate good was represented, for a few months of the hockey season, by the sturdy form of Tabitha Ramsbottom of Lower VIB, and then mutated into Mr GryffHenderson in the chemistry department, and then Ron Boggs who Do ya think I’m sexy? 57 saved you from the bullies and later became an ordinary drinkingmate in your twenties – that does not degrade the currency. Adoration is an innocent and selfless thing, even when it is being squandered.

In the 1960s the glass walls still stretched from floor to ceiling, the generation gap seemed unbridgeable even between 18 and 25, the decorum of school life hung between us as a great mournful gulf. Perhaps that’s why there’s such sentiment in ‘To Sir with Love’ – 32 A Little Learning because in that era, in Don Black’s era and mine, it wasn’t really likely to be a lifetime friendship, even if you lived within the same neighbourhood. It’s always the impossible relationships which shine the brightest on the misty horizon: just as it is always the remote, half-remembered awful teachers who become sacred monsters in the distorting glass of the Friends Reunited website.

In a marathon, all you have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other and endure the pain, and you’ve achieved something. ’ We were silent, stunned by the brilliance of this insight. ’ ‘Easy,’ said the genius. ‘Women rather like failing. ’ The conclave broke up in disarray. Do ya think I’m sexy? JULY 2 2004 Get dressed for battle Some conflicts are eternal, archetypal: fire and water, light and darkness, Gandalf and Saruman. Among these battles, fiercer and more implacable with every passing year, is the timeless struggle between headteachers and exhibitionist schoolgirls.

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