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Victory shall be mine if I hold my peace and let God fight my battle! Shout hallelujah! Shout when it is time to shout! This is the silence of faith. This is waiting patiently for Him, knowing that He will bring it to pass! In the time of conflict, the Spirit of God will bring something into your heart. I am not talking about memorized Scripture. That is just storing it up in your mind. Eat the words of the Lord. Hide it away in your heart. Let it become a part of you. Then at the moment that you need it, the Holy Ghost will bring it to your remembrance.

The doctors had cut out the tumor, and she became blind in one eye, deaf in one ear, and paralyzed on one side. The doctors said that she didn't have a chance—that she was going to die. " She didn't know that those words were the words of scripture until later, when she looked it up. She found that it came from the Psalms. She had read it, but she had not remembered it. But at the very moment that she needed it, God dropped that word into her heart. The Holy Ghost brought it to her memory. That is the reason, many times, that you need to be silent—so that the Holy Ghost can bring back those things that you have learned, and that you have stored away in your heart.

You see? You've got it backward! Make a noise in church! Make a joyful noise unto the Lord of your salvation! Then, when you are on the battlefield—when the enemy comes in like a flood—you are supposed to be still and know that God is God. Be still, and watch Him work. Say in your heart, "I know that my redeemer liveth. " Wait quietly for that still, small voice to come and make its whisper. " That is the silence of faith! This isn't easy, I am here to tell you! Can you imagine all that army walking around the wall, down there.

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