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By Marc A. Berger (auth.)

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These notes have been written due to my having taught a "nonmeasure theoretic" path in chance and stochastic tactics once or twice on the Weizmann Institute in Israel. i've got attempted to stick with rules. the 1st is to turn out issues "probabilistically" every time attainable with no recourse to different branches of arithmetic and in a notation that's as "probabilistic" as attainable. hence, for instance, the asymptotics of pn for big n, the place P is a stochastic matrix, is built in part V by utilizing passage percentages and hitting occasions instead of, say, pulling in Perron­ Frobenius thought or spectral research. equally in part II the joint basic distribution is studied via conditional expectation instead of quadratic varieties. the second one precept i've got attempted to persist with is to just turn out leads to their basic varieties and to aim to cast off any minor technical com­ putations from proofs, with a view to reveal crucial steps. Steps in proofs or derivations that contain algebra or easy calculus usually are not proven; in basic terms steps related to, say, using independence or a ruled convergence argument or an assumptjon in a theorem are displayed. for instance, in proving inversion formulation for attribute features I overlook steps related to overview of easy trigonometric integrals and exhibit info in basic terms the place use is made from Fubini's Theorem or the ruled Convergence Theorem.

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Let Xl' Xz, ... ,. :! N(O, 1), n = Var X n • PROOF. l = wise simply replace Xn with Xn -; cpyJu) ° and (J = 1. ) Let Y" = ~. Then = cpn(~), where, as earlier, cp is the common characteristic function of the Xns. l = 0, (J = 1 it follows from Property (P4 ) of characteristic functions that Thus by (1) lim cpy n (u) = e-(1/2)u 2• D Poisson Approximation to Binomial. :! X, where X is Poisson with parameter A. 53 Weak Convergence PROOF. By (1) lim

Let X be a random variable with dJ. Fx. Then for any Borel subset A~~ P(X E A) = f IA(x) dF(x) = We say that X has finite expectation if EX = f f L dF(x). Ixl dF(x) < 00, in which case x dF(x). The properties of expectation stated for discrete and absolutely continuous random variables are valid in general as well. The characteristic function cpx is defined by CPx(u) = f e iux dF(x). The properties stated earlier for characteristic functions also remain valid. The inversion formula (31) holds whenever Xl and X2 are points of continuity of Fx , and this uniquely determines Fx.

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