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By Justin Gregg

ISBN-10: 019966045X

ISBN-13: 9780199660452

How clever are dolphins? Is their conversation process rather as advanced as human language? And are they as pleasant and peaceable as they're made out to be?

Justin Gregg weighs up the claims made approximately dolphin intelligence and separates clinical truth from fiction. He provides the result of the most recent learn in animal behaviour, and places our wisdom approximately them into viewpoint with comparisons to clinical reports of different animals, specially the crow relations and nice apes. He provides interesting bills of the demanding situations of trying out what an animal with flippers and no facial expressions may really be considering. Gregg's evidence-based procedure creates a accomplished and up to date examine of this interesting animal as a way to attract all these intrigued through dolphin behaviour.

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If you don’t put a lid on top of the bowl, a goldfish will eventually jump out to enlarge the environment it is living in. ”67 De Waal is correct that this strategy for downplaying the behavior of dolphins by citing an example where another species (one putatively considered “dumb”) does something similar or better than dolphins doesn’t suddenly invalidate the body of research showing that dolphins display cognitive complexity in some domains. , similar to humans), and we discover that whatever behavior they are displaying that we once thought of as unique to humans (or unique to dolphins and humans), has also been observed in other species, then we could re-evaluate the trait in question as to if it should remain in our pantheon of intelligent behavior.

3. 4. 5. 6. low cell (neuronal) density thin cortex low number of cortical areas small prefrontal cortex high glia–neuron ratio small hippocampus. We’ve seen that for each of these points, the current state of the science suggests quite clearly that science has no real idea what these observations might mean as far as cognition goes, or even if these observations are necessarily correct. Each one of these points could just as easily be linked with dolphin intelligence as opposed to dolphin stupidity, which is why both Manger and his opponents are able to offer seemingly endless reasons why their position should be regarded as the most parsimonious.

All we can really say at present is that the presence of VENs—like any other brain structures—are a mysterious signpost that science is yet unable to decipher. In summary, studies show positive correlations between a number of measures of neuronal structure and cognition for both humans and non-human animals, yet none of them is likely to be applicable to all 41 A R E DOL PHINS R E A L LY SM A RT? brains across all taxa. , in search of the root cause of intelligent behavior is currently a red herring—providing us hints at possible relationships, but ultimately drowned out by the chaos that persists when attempting to pair cell structure with cognitive function.

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